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Chia seeds – Discover 10 Health Benefits of this Superfood

Chia seeds are loaded with extensive value. They require no cooking, are high in calories, omega 3, dietary fiber, phosphorous, and calcium. So what are the 10 Health Benefits we can get from using these tiny seeds in our diet? … Continue reading

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Which top 7 Supermarket Foods you should Avoid!

In a recent article, seven experts in the fields of both food and the environment (scientists, doctors and farmers) were asked just one simple question: “What foods do you avoid?” Their responses had nothing to do with calories or nutrient-density, … Continue reading

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Winter is coming!

Here in New Zealand winter is just around the corner. In fact today I am listening to the wind whooshing round outside and you would think it was already here. Thankfully I am snuggled inside with the fire going……mmmmm cosy. … Continue reading

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Tips for reducing those sugar cravings!

Are you someone who can’t stop eating sugar? Got to have a little something sweet every day? If you lack satisfaction in your life, you may be attracted to quick sugar fixes like chocolate or chocolate cake. The quicker and … Continue reading

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